Monday, February 26, 2007

This website has a good resource of articles on website development. Research tips and strategies to help promote your bands website and to strat selling your music online. As a musician it is essencial for you to have your own website promoting your music, but not all musicians have the money to hire a web designer/programmer so if your a DIY kind of person than check out this database of articles and find new ways of increasing your band websites traffic.

Saturday, February 17, 2007 opened a section called 'eco articles'. This was to promote and draw awareness to environment issues plaguing our country. As this section grew it became nessesary to migrate all of this information to its own website. So now we are proud to announce the launch of a place to check the daily weather, maps of Ontario, or to surf threw our environmental articles and projects contained within the website

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fix Broken Headphones

The other day I decided to take a stab at fixing a pair of headphones that no longer played in stereo (only the right channel played sound). I had tried fixing headphones many years ago, with no luck, so I decided to do some searching on the web to see how successful others were at attempting this. What i found was many failed attempts, and eplained below is my theory on why there has been so little success.

I think the biggest problem is soldering the wires. Headphone wires have three micro wires housed in a rubber cable, and each one of these micro wires is also insulated (this is where most go wrong) these very fine coloured wires are coated with a thin film that must be stripped off before soldering. I found the best way to do this, is to burn off the coloured insulated coating with a soldering gun, and then gob some solder on the tip of the wire to create a good connection for connecting to either the headphone or the stereo plug (depending on which end of the headphones you are trying to fix).

Leave a comment below on your experience of trying to fix headphones

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished Creativity

I heard an interesting tip the other day in regards to finishing tracks, and thought it was worth commenting (this could also be applied to almost any project).

Theres a set amount of time that you can be motivated when working on a track, but the faster, and more efficiant you can work, the more creative things you can do. Learn all the shortcuts in programs and save files for quick accesibility, and you can bring more tracks to a finished state.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kick Drum Sample Pack

An additional set of kick drum samples have been added to my site for you to download. All of these samples are high quality in 16 bit, 44,100 sps, .wav format. Follow the link below to get your samples today!
Kick Drum Audio Sample Pack

The Beginning

After launching I felt it was time to open a blog, to keep everyone updated, so here it is. Until I get some more postings up, check out my website at